Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Rudolf the red nose reindeer..."

One of the things I like about the place I work and the people I work for is that ever so often I get to help with something totally fun that has nothing to do with my job. Today my boss let me dress up as Rudolf and walk around the CP and the Kiwanis Center greeting kids while he passed out candy. Getting the top of the costume to fit me was quite the challenge! The head band kept slipping over my eyes and I was completely blind. Most of the time I was lead by the hand so that I would not walk into anything (which still happened a few times). It looked like Rudolf had a little too much to drink last night:)

If you have ever worn a costume like that, you know that it can be very hot. I am hot natured anyway and man was I sweating. Thanks to my friend Heidi taking pictures, you get to see just how wet I was when I was done. We had to take several breaks so I could go outside and cool off.

Going around to all the classrooms was such a blast! Most of the kids (those who were not scared) were so excited when they saw us coming. They were giving me hugs and grabbing the flashing red nose. When doing something so interactive with the clients, it does not take long to realize how special they are and how important it is that we continue investing in their lives. The staff who work with them everyday were doing such a great job. I loved having the chance to make them laugh.
I don't know what is happening in this picture, either Ron is adjusting my head so that I can see, or he is trying to keep me quiet:)