Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Are Tasers a Good Idea?

I have heard several stories in the news lately about people using these taser-stun-gun devices for more than just self-defense. In this article a man is accused of using one on his 18 month old son. I can see the value of having a non-lethal weapon to protect yourself, but I am not sure if our society is responsible enough to own these things. I am worried that the more accessible the taser becomes, the more we are going to hear of abuse and obnoxious teenagers trying to get a sick laugh.


Friday, February 02, 2007

God Made Snow!

Early this morning while my sister was still sleeping her kids ran into her room, already wearing their hats and gloves, yelling, "Get up, God made snow for us!" Don't you just love it!!

Jack, Melanie, and Samantha

Samantha's toothless grin looks like Aunt Kellye's!


Florida lady attends her own funeral

A Florida woman pretended to have cancer, pretended to get treatment, then pretended to move into a hospice and then (you guessed it) pretended to die. She kept her church choir up to date on her "condition". Her hoax was up when she showed up at the memorial service. She told police that she "needed to seperate from her church community."


Laugh...just laugh

No really, I did!! Two of my teeth are half bonding. And since I can't afford to get the expensive, high quality bonding, I have the cheap stuff that breaks every few years. Of course just a few short weeks before Erika's wedding I get a big ol' gap in my smile. I am sure that in the wedding pictures people will be able to pick out the brides maid from Tennessee:) Hopefully I can find a dentist in Jackson who can fix it before then! All I can do is laugh...which looks funny now!