Saturday, December 29, 2007

Playing with my new camera

Me and Michele

Annabelle and Copper

This weekend we have had lots of visitors. Michele was able to come into town and we spent one night just talking and talking. We also played with our new cameras and Michele got to experience the downtown Starbucks for the first time. Right now, Sarah's family is staying with us and they brought along their poodle, Copper. I am not sure how Annabelle feels about another dog on her turf, but they did like posing for the camera together.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and kids

One of my favorite traditions in my family is our Christmas Eve festivities. We play games, eat finger foods and open one gift...always a new pair of pajamas. As our family grows, the more fun we have! Ever since my niece and nephew were born I cannot imagine the holidays without them. Kids are so much fun on Christmas morning! Every time Jack opened a gift he wanted to stop and play with it and even try on his new clothes. The one thing he has wanted for a long time is a real guitar. At the age of four, he already can play, sing and make up his own songs! He does not know all the guitars chords, but I am sure it won't be long before he learns them. Samantha loves animals and likes to play veterinarian. She received a "Dr. Samantha Glas" coat and Dr's kit. She was still checking the heart rate of all of her toy animals when we left. Spending time with them helps me realize all that I have to look forward to, should the Lord someday give me children.

"Dr. Glas" taking care of her horse:)

Jack opening his drums. Jack's mom and dad reacting to Jack opening his drums!

Jack and his new guitar. Brian, his dad, is in the back 'happily' putting together Jack's new drums. Our little rock star!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Celebrating the Holidays

This year at the CP Center my friend Alice and I planned the annual staff Christmas party. Planning an event is as much fun for me as attending one! We got a bit carried away and turned a party into an all day celebration with food, Santa, games and best of all, the reading of the Christmas story from Richard Parks, the new hospital CEO. We set up a 'Christmas living room' in our gym and everyone sat on cushions around the 'fireplace' and listened to Mr. Parks read from Luke 2. Then a few of our talented staff lead us in worship. I cannot post pictures of our clients because of confidentiality, so I wish that I could find the words to describe what a great experience we had together. The best part of the day, however, was earlier in the morning when we were treated to some Christmas carolers from another organization that works with adults with disabilities. A blind man sang "O Holy Night" and there was not a dry eye in the room. Before they left, we asked him to sing it again and he started by sharing his thoughts on the birth of Christ and that "O Holy Night" is a song we should sing all year around. It is a holiday memory, I will not soon forget.

Me and Alice in the "Christmas Living Room"

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Night in Nashville

Last Thursday a group from my church went to see Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb" at the Ryman in Nashville. If you have not heard this Christmas album it is well worth getting! You can read more about the album at Blogged Down World.
It was also good to spend time with friends. Nashville is such a great city to walk around this time of year. The cold weather and the Christmas lights made for a wonderful holiday evening. Me, Sarah and Heidi outside the Ryman

I was REALLY excited about Panera!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Rainy Saturday Morning

I think it was about a year ago that I awoke on a rainy Saturday morning and posted my "warm and cozy" feelings about rainy weather. Once again, I was greeted this morning with a chilly wind and the sound of rain pounding on my window. I won't like it as much when I have to get out, but from my warm bed it is quite a treat. Add my pumkin spice coffee and watching Racheal Ray make gingerbread waffles (in 30 minutes, of course!) and you have a perfect morning!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Rudolf the red nose reindeer..."

One of the things I like about the place I work and the people I work for is that ever so often I get to help with something totally fun that has nothing to do with my job. Today my boss let me dress up as Rudolf and walk around the CP and the Kiwanis Center greeting kids while he passed out candy. Getting the top of the costume to fit me was quite the challenge! The head band kept slipping over my eyes and I was completely blind. Most of the time I was lead by the hand so that I would not walk into anything (which still happened a few times). It looked like Rudolf had a little too much to drink last night:)

If you have ever worn a costume like that, you know that it can be very hot. I am hot natured anyway and man was I sweating. Thanks to my friend Heidi taking pictures, you get to see just how wet I was when I was done. We had to take several breaks so I could go outside and cool off.

Going around to all the classrooms was such a blast! Most of the kids (those who were not scared) were so excited when they saw us coming. They were giving me hugs and grabbing the flashing red nose. When doing something so interactive with the clients, it does not take long to realize how special they are and how important it is that we continue investing in their lives. The staff who work with them everyday were doing such a great job. I loved having the chance to make them laugh.
I don't know what is happening in this picture, either Ron is adjusting my head so that I can see, or he is trying to keep me quiet:)

Under Contruction

Just for the fun I have been adjusting my template. Hopefully I will have it all put together in a couple of days!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Spirit...Poodle Style

If you have not already done so, I am sure many of you will stop visiting this blog for fear of seeing something like this again! I think she is so cute!!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007


This past week I had the pleasure of visiting the Frontiers team in Phoenix. It was so exciting for me to learn and talk about missions all day! I think I spent most of my time talking about Cafe 1040! I can't tell you how much I loved telling people about the overseas program. The staff at Frontiers are so excited about missions and it was refreshing to spend some time with them. If you are considering going overseas, call them or get online and submit a Journey Form!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Good Morning from Sky Harbor!

Even though my trip to Phoenix has been short and fast, I really enjoyed getting to see a little bit of my "homestate" (I was born in Arizona, but my family moved shortly after so I have never actually seen the state). Phoenix reminds me a little bit of Mexico and a little bit of the desert cities in North Africa! Everything was beautiful (except the palm trees with colored Christmas lights...weird.) Most of my time was spent in meetings so I did not get to take any pictures of the scenery, so here is a pic I just took of myself as I wait for my flight:)
I have been up since 4:30am so I am a bit loopy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


A couple weeks ago I flew into Chicago to surprise Michele on her birthday. It was so much fun! It was a last minute desicion so I had less than a week to plan...and find an affordable plane ticket. After much prayer and many hours of searching, God provided a crazy good deal on a round trip flight out of Memphis. Erika and Geoff picked me up from the airport and we took lunch back to their apartment. It was so good to spend time with them and their four ferrets! When Erika took me to Michele's apartment I stood back while she went in and pretended to give Michele a birthday present. I was so excited (and cold) I could hardly wait. After Michele answered my knock at the door it literally took her a full minute or two to figure out what was going on. I finally said, "Do you remember who I am?" Which was followed by several minutes of hugs and tears.

Sunday was a wonderful day for me. I was finally able to visit Michele's church ( and meet some of the people from her Small Group. I was really blessed by the coorprate worship. I didn't know anyone in the room, but I felt as if I was worshiping in unison with them. It was an overwhelming feeling to experience the bond we have with other believers. I have been hearing a lot lately about churches that are not being built or lead on biblical principles. What an encouragement to meet a group of beleivers who are faithful to the Word. That afternoon Michele and I experimented with a some gluten free/ sugar free recipes. I don't know that I will ever try Mango Mouse again, but the time with Michele was a blast.

Traveling hom on Monday was eventful, to say the least. My flight was scheduled for 4:00, but since Michele had to work on Monday we decided to get up early and try to catch the 8:00 flight. I called the airline and they made it sound like it would be no problem to get on stand by. Early the next the morning we pulled ourselves out of bed at what seemed like the middle of the night. Even though we beat the morning rush hour, the traffic was still far worse than I am use to in Jackson. Michele and I said our goodbyes and took my place in line. As I stood in line fumbling for my license I realized that my wallet was not in my purse! I quickly got out of line and searched all my luck. I called Michele's cell phone what seemed like a hundred times with no answer. I realized that all I ould do is go outside and catch a taxi. The lady working at the airport taxi station told my driver to take me to Wheaton. As we pulled out onto the highway he turns around and says, "Where is Wheaton?" AHHHHHH. Your kidding me, right? I gave him the address, he called somone else to get directions, then he gave me his phone and asked me to talk to the other person...crazy. He finally figured out where he was going and I sat back in my seat and cried. Twenty minutes and seventy dollars later I am back in Michele's apartment. The new plan was for Erika to take me to the airport on her lunch break. So it was nice to have a little bit more time with her! I tried to get on an earlier flight so that I could just get home. There were five people on stand by and four available seats...yup, I was the fifth! So I went to the gate of my originally scheduled flight, just to find that it was an hour delayed. All I could do was laugh!

Don't you just love having stories like that? Especially when it is a good way to update your blog after almost 2 months!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Reformation Day!

Today is a great day to reflect on and give thanks for the events that took place in Wittenberg, Germany hundreds of years ago. I hope to do some reading this afternoon to refresh myself on the history of the church and the work of Martin Luther. If you have any suggestions on what I should read, let me know. Until then, have a blessed Reformation Day.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Rainy week and Fall Festival

If you live in Jackson, you know that this has been a chilly, rainy week. Everyday we have had the kind of weather that makes you want to go home, get in your pajamas and take a long nap on the couch (which is what I did after getting off early today:) So it has been a relatively quiet week at work for which I have been thankful! My desk sets directly in front of a large window so I can look outside all great!

Today we had a Fall Festival for our clients and staff. Each office had a different game that the clients could play and win prizes. we also dressed up for a costume contest. I was a Starbucks Clerk, not very creative, but one of my friends works at Starbucks and she let me borrow an apron. I set up a hot apple cider station at my desk. The spices from the cider smelled so good that I wish I could do that everyday! Days like these remind me of how blessed I am to be at the CP Center. I LOVE seeing our precious clients smile and laugh. I will post pictures when I get back to work on Monday.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Welcome Home Sam!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Stupid PC

If my computer at work was running any slower, it would be off.

Friday, September 14, 2007

"Better or worse?"

I failed an exam today. In fact it is the third time in last 2 months that I have failed the same eye exam. I don't like getting my eyes checked. Today, every time she turned the eye exam dial 'thing' it all looked the same! She was doing it so fast and asking "Better or worse? Better or worse...over and over. At one point I had to ask, "Better or worse than what? I can't remember which one is the original!" Needless to say, she was pretty frusterated with me. I think I need to find a new eye doctor.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Can you hear it?

I had to listen to this to believe it, but there is actually a new ring tone for cell phones...what is unique about it? Adults cannot hear it. It was invented so that students could use their cell phones in class without getting caught. Go figure. Apparently, if you are about thirty or older you cannot hear the high pitched ring tone. My sister and I tried it, her two kids and myself could hear it, but she could not. You can read an article about it and see if you can hear it at this link:

Bloggers Chat About ‘Teen Buzz‘
CBS News Online

More wisdom from Lydia Brownback

On her blog, The Purple Cellar, Lydia has started writing on the current debate that remaining single is a sin. Check out both of these posts: The Singleness Wars, The Sin of Singleness? I appreciate how she is addressing this issue. She addresses it very biblically and humbly without slandering the teachers whom she disagrees with. Lately I have felt that several Christians blogs are just battle grounds for believers to attack one another. Lydia sets a good example of how to stand for truth without putting up unnecessary walls with the church.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Playing with Jack and Sam

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bloggers Block... oppose to writers block. I know I have been a terrible blogger. I am trying to get back in the swing of things. I have a few topics I am going to write about in the near future. Also, I had to order a part for my camera so it will be up and running again soon! Just to update you on what is going on with me...I joined Jackson Sports & Fitness and I LOVE it. The exercise classes in the evenings are actually addicting. Not only do I feel better when I work out, but it has been a great way to meet new people. The Body Sculpting and Step and Strike classes are a challenging. Body Sculpting includes lunges, squats and weight lifting. Step and Strike is a mixture of cardio, kick boxing, weights, and tons of sweat!!! Both are challenging for me but I love it. I also have been taking Pilates and Yoga. In both classes the room is dark except for a little 'soft' lamp light. We stretch our bodies into positions I did not think possible (some are STILL not possible for me). It is a great way to relax after a long day or to stretch after Step and Strike. Having a gym membership has taken up a lot of my time in the evenings, so I have to adjust my schedule so that I can still get everything done. I am a person who needs structure and a plan or I will just waste all my time, so I try to plan nearly every minute of my day. I would love it if you would pray that I would be better at prioritizing my time and more disciplined in reading. I realized this morning that I am in front of a computer for almost 10 hours a day, five days a week. Some of this cannot be avoided because I work behind a desk for 9 hours a day, but this could explain why I am not so productive in other areas and why I am getting a headache on almost a daily basis (which will be addressed with an eye doctor this afternoon). Thanks for reading and for praying!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


My application process is still moving forward. All my materials have been submitted and my file is being reviewed. The door is still open for me to attend the October screening conference, if invited. What now? I wait. Wait until the end of August to find out if that invitation will come in the mail! Another month of

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Waiting. With as much experience as I have you would think I would be an expert. I have prayed for years for different things - desires of my heart, salvation of lost friends - many prayers, many years, nothing. Yep an ol' pro. However tonight (or is it morning yet?) I am waiting again and I am sorry to say that I am not doing it with much expertise. My wondering thoughts and restless body prove that I am no better at this than I was before. All of my application materials are due to the mission agency by Friday. My part is almost done, just a quick email and a fax and I will have it all submitted. But one form, one questionnaire is in someone else's hands. The problem? They told me today that it usually takes several days to process. The possiblility of getting it done by Friday is slim, but fortunately, they will try. What will happen if they don't get it in by Friday? I will have to wait. Wait for the next screening conference, the next chance to have my application reveiwed. So here I sit, as if staying awake all night thinking about it will make it happen any faster. As a receiptionist, I watch people all day who are waiting. Waiting on a therapist, a tour of the facilities, a meeting with a manager. They sit on the end of their chair tapping their feet nervously on the floor, glancing down at their watch and then down the hallway and then back at their watch again. Many times they will look at me after looking at their watch with an expression that says, "Are you going to do something to speed things up?" How I wish I could. I sometimes wonder why they don't use those few minutes to do something productive, like read a book, make a phone call, write a note to a friend. Anything besides waiting for time to pass. Right now, I must preach those words to myself. I know that waiting does not mean wasted time to God. I know that in these frustrating times He is sanctifying me, molding me, and teaching me to trust Him. And since these are the very things of which daily I ask Him to do in me, why I am frustrated, should I not be grateful? I know that this moment is not by chance, in God's sovereign wisdom, He decided to use this waiting to remind me that His will for me is not as much about my job or ministry, as it is about my sanctification and the posture of my heart. If this is a way that He will make me a more accurate reflection of Him, I will gladly wait.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Michele's Story

Author Carolyn McCulley (Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye) asked Michele to write about her personal experience with an eating disorder. You can read Michele's story here on Carolyn's blog.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Prayers of the Puritans

It is a blessing to have good friends. As I prayerfully take the necessary steps towards missionary service overseas (more to come on this), my friend Michele encouraged me with these words from the Puritans:

"Service and Equipment," from Valley of Vision

Thou, God of my end, Thou hast given me a fixed disposition to go forth and spend my life for thee; if it be thy will let me proceed in it; if not, then revoke my intentions. All I want in life is such circumstances as may best enable me to serve thee in the world; to this end I leave all my concerns in thy hand, but let me not be discouraged, for this hinders my spiritual fervency.

Enable me to undertake some task for thee, for this refreshes and animates my soul, so that I could endure all hardships and labors and willingly suffer for thy name. But, O what a death is it to strive and labor, to be always in a hurry and yet do nothing! Alas, time flies and I am but of little use. O that I could be a flame of fire in thy service, always burning out in one continual blaze.

Fit me for singular usefulness in this world. Fit me to exult in distresses of every kind if they but promote the advancement of thy kingdom. Fit me to quit all hopes of the world’s friendship, and give me a deeper sense of my sinfulness. Fit me to accept as just desert from thee any trial that may befall me. Fit me to be totally resigned to the denial of pleasures I desire and to be content to spend my time with thee. Fit me to pray with a sense of the joy of divine communion, to find all times happy seasons to my soul, to see my own nothingness and wonder that I am allowed to serve thee. Fit me to enter the blessed world where no unclean thing is and to know thee with me always.

Friday, June 29, 2007

"Fhoto Friday"

I love taking pictures of rain drops on plants.

A thought on contentment.

"You will never find contentment in living for what you hope tomorrow may hold.
Contenment is for today."
Lydia Brownback, Fine China is for Single Women Too.

Friday, June 22, 2007

"Fhoto Friday"

In Memory of "Rocky Blue"
The only cat in the world who studied sunday school lessons.

A discussion on modesty...

Glenna Marshall has recently posted some thoughts on modesty. I have been thinking about this issue over the past few weeks. The temperature in West Tennessee is getting hotter (and hotter) and with it the clothes are getting shorter in some places and higher in others.

I wanted to get some other folks in on the conversation so visit her post and share your thoughts! modesty....a lost art? My own comments are coming soon.

Friday, June 15, 2007

"Fhoto Friday"

Just for fun put your own caption here:)

Friday, June 08, 2007

"Fhoto Friday"

A rainy day.

Pray for Michele

My friend Michele has another doctor's appointment this morning with a rheumatologist. Please pray that God will give the doctor wisdom. Michele is still in much pain and very weak. You can read more how she is doing on her blog, The Fig Leaf.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Fhoto Friday"...on Saturday

Yesterday was so busy that I did not get a chance to post until now...this is a picture I took of my pastor's son at a church picnic. I took over a hundred pictures that day! I was trying to figure out how to take pictures in such bright light. This was one of my favorites.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Caedmon's Call, Derek Webb reunited for new release, tour

Yahoo!!! Derek Webb is rejoining Caedmon's Call for their upcoming album 'Overdressed' and the tour that will follow. I can't wait! Here is a link to the article.

This is so cool...

Jrazz wrote about a new technology from Microsoft called Surface. If you have not seen this you have to go to his blog and watch the video. So cool. Microsoft Surface: Computing by Touch

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

$2.89 a gallon...a good deal!?

I just stopped at Kroger to put gas in my car. I intentionally waited until after the holiday to see if the prices would go below $3 a gallon. I have been driving on empty for over a day now and I was afraid I would not even make it into the parking lot! I punched my Kroger card number on the keypad and waited to see what my discount would be...I nearly let out a shout for joy when I saw that it was $2.89 a gallon. I even told a co-worker about the "good deal" I got. It is kind of comical that I think $2.89 is a steal! I just say it to be funny, I am not complaining...God continues to provide for me no matter what the government does to raise the cost of living in this country.

Friday, May 25, 2007

"Fhoto Friday"

I took this back in February at a friend's wedding. After the ceremony the photographer wanted the bride and groom (Erika and Geoff) to go outside so that he could get their picture in the snow storm (literally, total blizzard!) As they were running in, I started snapping pictures as fast as I could. I was not sure if any of them took until Michele and I were downloading them at her apartment. I remember how excited we got when we saw this one. I wish that you could see Geoff and more of the umbrella that he is holding over Erika's head, but the look on her face makes this pic one of my favorites.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Please Pray

My cousin's wife, Kristen Speck, is pregnant with twins and she has lost one of the babies. She has to have a DNC. Kristen is in California and her husband, Sam, is in Iraq. This has been a difficult time for my family. My grandmother has been in the hospital this week with what the doctor said was "life threatening internal bleeding". She has recovered well and will hopefully be released today. Praise the Lord.

Please keep Sam and Kristen in your prayers.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Garage Sale!

One of my new roommates and I are having a garage sale tomorrow morning at my house...get some great stuff at dirt cheap prices. If you like computers, books, movies, home decor and really good prices...come on down!!! We have lots of stuff and my neighbors have already started looking!!!!

"Fhoto Friday"

I have a new found love for photography. At work I am known as the girl who is constantly taking pictures...and every once in a while I get one that I really like. Here is a recent one that I took in the flower beds outside my office. I will start sharing my favorites on "Fhoto Friday". :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Fig Leaf

My friend Michele has started a new blog. She is a gifted writer and I know that you will be blessed when you read her thoughts.

The Fig Leaf

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Psalm 27:8

"My heart has heard you say, 'Come and talk with me.'
And my heart responds, 'Lord, I am coming.'"

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Look out...

Jer's got a blog! Check it out...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

One Gospel Conference...and Friends

I have been looking forward to this weekend for several weeks. The "One Bible, One Gospel" Conference looks like it is going to be really interesting. I am excited about the chance to sit under the teaching of some my college professors. The best part of the weekend is that my friends, Erika and Michele, are coming!!! They are setting up a Crossways table for the conference and spending the weekend at my house. Having two of my closest friends back in town for a few days is a gift from God. I am in much need of some 'friend time' and God is so good to give that to me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Better News Today

Supreme Court Upholds Nationwide Ban on Partial Birth Abortions

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Prayer Request

My friends, Chuck and Miki, need your prayers. Miki is pregnant with twins (not sure how far along she is but close to 9 months) and she is having complications. Here is Chuck's update:

Miki (and the twins) are in distress. Her liver function and her gallbladder function are not keeping up, so she has bile in her bloodstream. Bile is poison. This poison is making her itch all over, and is working from the inside so no creams or ointments will help. Because of this itching, she has not slept in 5 days and so her mental capacity has diminished greatly; she can hardly make a sentence at all. Please pray that God will clean her blood of this bile so that the babies will not be in danger (they are currently) and so that my sweet wife can regain her sanity. This is literally five days of intense torture and grave danger for the babies.
Thanks, Chuck

Chuck and Miki are directors of a ministry in Atlanta, they also have a two year old daughter.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Brits to Go Free

I don't understand much about politics and war, but I know that it breaks my heart to see what soldiers often endure. When the news broke on March 23rd that 15 British soldiers were captured by Iran, I sat in front of my TV heavy hearted. I have thought about them every day and have wondered (worried) about their circumstances and their frightened families. So many of the small things in life, that I often take for granted, reminded me of them. When I would sit down to eat a meal, I stared at my plate of warm food - I could eat as much as I wanted and whatever I wanted - and I wondered how often they were being fed. At night I would lay down in my bed, pull my comforter up to my chin and think about Faye Turney (the female captive close to my age). What was she sleeping on? Was she missing her family? Was she scared? I am so thankful for what God has given me, and I always want those blessings to remind me to pray for those who are suffering. It is a shame when soldiers are forgotten by those for whom they fight. Please pray for them. Praise the Lord for the news of the release of the British will be a special Easter holiday for their families and country.

Brits to Go Free

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Isaiah 42:16

A dear friend reminded me of these encouraging words from the Lord:

"And I will lead the blind in a way that they do not know, in paths that they have not known I will guide them. I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground. These are the things I do, and I do not forsake them."

Friday, March 30, 2007


Do you know what I think is funny? People who put a link to their blog on their blog.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Learning Modesty

Remember the scene from Little Women when Jo wanted to invite "Teddy" to be a part of the girl's 'theatrical society'? Being more proper than their sister, Meg, Amy and Beth gasped at the thought and immediately objected. "Nay!" says Amy, "...we bear our souls and tell our most appalling secrets."

Would women today, specifically Christian women, have the same response? I recently read a post by Lydia Brownback entitled Modesty and Other Women's Husbands where she addresses the "modesty of our person". Lydia shows us that being modest is not just about proper clothing but about setting boundaries in our relationships with married men. Her thoughts were challenging and convicting, leading me to examine my behavior with male friends (both past and present). God has graciously allowed me to glean wisdom from a much (much) wiser woman and it would be wrong for me not to apply it to my life and then pass the wisdom along to others.

In light of Lydia’s post (as well as recent personal experiences) I have been considering how 'modesty of our person' also applies to our friendships with single men. Being 'best buds' with the opposite sex can often lead to confusing emotions and hurt feelings. Not just for those involved but also for their future spouses. For example, when I am tempted to pour my heart out to a male friend I need to stop and think, "Is this a situation that he would be ashamed to someday share with his wife? Is this something I would want my future husband to do with his friend?" Inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex involves more than just physical intimacy. We cross the line when we spend large amounts of time together, connecting emotionally to a degree that has been reserved only for a mate.

I see a lot of young, Christian women who push themselves into close friendships with men. You know, the guy and the girl who are always together and everyone assumes they are dating. Many girls give the impression with their behavior (though they deny it with their words) that they are interested in more than friendship. I have been on mission teams with women who can't seem to get enough attention from our male team members. Not only would it make others uncomfortable, but it often became a distraction that hindered the ministry.

I am not saying that we should avoid friendships with the opposite sex. Fellowship is a rich blessing as well as a command for the Church, allowing us to encourage and sharpen one another as believers. What I am saying is that being involved in the lives of our Christian brothers should aid in our (and their) sanctification, not hinder it. Our friendships should edify and build up the body, not confuse and frustrate other church members. Setting appropriate boundaries is not about limiting fellowship, but about achieving, maintaining and protecting true fellowship.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not so original...

I have been trying to think of something more original than the 'coffee theme' for my blog. I tried to think of something with my middle name, Lisanne, since that is kind of different. I even thought of something like Kellog (you know, Kellye+blog=Kellog) but, that is not original and probably not legal either. Since I am known at work as the girl who drinks one cup of coffee after another...I think I will just stick with Coffee Refills until something better comes to mind!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

In a typical day at the CP Center...

...I talk on the phone,

I talk to Carla, and Ben eats donuts!
I love my job!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Have Fun and Support the Cerebral Palsy Center!

The Henry County Gun Club
1st Annual Trap Shoot
(To benefit the West TN Cerebral Palsy Center)

When: Saturday, March 31st
(Rain Date April 14th)
Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Where: Henry County Gun Club
Puryear, TN (off Hwy 641 North)

Details: Trap & Skeet Shooting
Pistol & Rifle Ranges

Food Concessions provided by Mr. Garfield’s BBQ
Silent Auction from 1:00pm-2:00pm
Items given by The Great Outdoor Store, Hulmes Sporting Goods, & US Security Services
No Admission Fee / 1 Round of Skeet = $5.00
For more information, call 731-668-3322

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Are Tasers a Good Idea?

I have heard several stories in the news lately about people using these taser-stun-gun devices for more than just self-defense. In this article a man is accused of using one on his 18 month old son. I can see the value of having a non-lethal weapon to protect yourself, but I am not sure if our society is responsible enough to own these things. I am worried that the more accessible the taser becomes, the more we are going to hear of abuse and obnoxious teenagers trying to get a sick laugh.,2933,250519,00.html

Friday, February 02, 2007

God Made Snow!

Early this morning while my sister was still sleeping her kids ran into her room, already wearing their hats and gloves, yelling, "Get up, God made snow for us!" Don't you just love it!!

Jack, Melanie, and Samantha

Samantha's toothless grin looks like Aunt Kellye's!


Florida lady attends her own funeral

A Florida woman pretended to have cancer, pretended to get treatment, then pretended to move into a hospice and then (you guessed it) pretended to die. She kept her church choir up to date on her "condition". Her hoax was up when she showed up at the memorial service. She told police that she "needed to seperate from her church community.",2933,249938,00.html

Laugh...just laugh

No really, I did!! Two of my teeth are half bonding. And since I can't afford to get the expensive, high quality bonding, I have the cheap stuff that breaks every few years. Of course just a few short weeks before Erika's wedding I get a big ol' gap in my smile. I am sure that in the wedding pictures people will be able to pick out the brides maid from Tennessee:) Hopefully I can find a dentist in Jackson who can fix it before then! All I can do is laugh...which looks funny now!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's Snowing!!

If you read my last post you may think that I hate snow. It is actually one of my favorite things in the world:) If you have ever been to my house around Christmas you know how much I love to decorate with snowflakes. I just heard too much about it today. As I left work tonight the much anticipated "big snow" began to fall. I don't know how much we will get, but I will enjoy every bit of it!

This is a photo I took last year from my bedroom window after a snowy night.

Snow Talk

If one more person says somthing to me about "the big snow" tonight I might scream. As the receptionist sitting at the front desk, everyone passes by me at least once if not ten times a day. "So, Kellye, do you think it's going to snow?" "Maybe we won't be able to come to work tomorrow!" "Be sure to stock up on food!" Is it going to snow? Is is going to snow? Is it going to snow? That is all I have heard all day. So, yes I hope it does snow really hard and I hope I am stranded in my house.

Friday, January 26, 2007

What a Great Day

Don't you love catching up with your friends and family? Today was a special day, full of memories of my teenage years. A friend from our church youth group was in town and wanted to get together, catch up and introduce us to her husband! So of course we all met at our favorite ol' Mexican restaurant, Atzimbas. My parents, sister, aunt, cousin, five kids, a friend, a friend's husband and myself filled up three tables and gave the restaurant some great business!! Chowing down on chips and salsa, we told stories from our youth group days and tried to sum up all that had happened in life since then. It blessed to me look around at my family and think about the journey that each of them has been on. My parents - home from Mexico, still speaking Spanish with the waiter, pastoring a great church in Grand Junction. My aunt and uncle - retired, sold/gave away everything they owned, live in a camper, working for Disaster Relief. My sister, Melanie - excellent wife, mother of my two favorite children, getting ready to home school in the fall. My cousin, Mandi - mother of THREE precious boys, married her high school sweet heart who is now a youth minister, I remember when we were praying for his salvation.

After lunch, my family and I went to our favorite consignment shop, where another family member happens to work, and the reunion continued!! We spent over an hour trying on clothes and helping each other pick out new dresses. Then we spent our money, said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways. My sister had picked me up in Jackson so we drove home and spent a few more hours just talking.

The only sad part of the day was that several people were missing. Too many to name, but I will say that I really missed our cousins, David and Sam. They are both in the Marines and working out in California. Both have served, bravely, in Iraq. Thank you God for bring them home safely!!! I love having a big family and I love being close to my family. My cousins are like siblings to my sister and I. I wish that more days were like today.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One Month from Today...

...We will eat cake, dance, catch bouquets (it's mine girls!) and most importantly, we will celebrate the gift of marriage!! I know that Erika and Geoff and counting down the days to February 24th. I am counting down the pounds to fit in my bride's maid dress! I can't wait to get to Chicago and join in on all the festivities. I hope that it snows just enough to make beautiful scenery, but not enough to disrupt our travels. Weddings can be so much fun!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Great Music

Good Monsters, the latest album from Jars of Clay, is always on my cd player. My friend Michele recommended it to me and after listening to just a few songs from her copy I was hooked. I actually think this is the first Jars of Clay cd I have ever owned and it makes me want to go out and buy their earlier ones. Along with a great song on missions, the lyrics reveal the truth of our human nature and our need for a Savior. If you like music that has strong, creative and powerful lyrics (who wouldn't?) then Good Monsters is a must have!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Read, Watch , Pray

Tim Ellsworth says it better than I can. PLEASE go to his blog and read this post and watch the video about abortion.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Purple Cellar: Demands of the Heart

The Purple Cellar: Demands of the Heart
I thought that this was an interesting post by Lydia Brownback on her blog, The Purple Cellar. I can relate to feeling that if God is not going to give me a husband and children, then He is going to do something BIG and exciting with my life. While I definitely want to live my life for God's glory, I am learning that living a big life does not always look the way I think it does. When I was in North Africa, I could see God being glorified in the work among believers. I felt that living a big life would look something like that. Then a few months ago, I had a part time job at a local skating rink. Serving nachos and fountain drinks was not what I expected to do after graduating from college. There were times when I wanted to hand people their order and say, "Here's your coke, and I guess what? I have a college degree!" What pride! While doing my work I often thought about the millions of people around the world who needed Christ. I soon learned that God was at work in the lives of the people there just as much as in North Africa. Habakkuk 2:14 says, " For the earth will be filled with knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea." What a great promise to believers. Our labors for the advancement of the gospel cannot be in vain, whether we are called to live in a Muslim country or in a small town in America. Ministry opportunities are everywhere, with every person, because God wants to be glorified everywhere and in every person.

Don't get me wrong, I think that being a housewife AND serving in North Africa (and I hope to someday do both) are equally exciting...if they are done to the glory of God.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Singles are the majority

According to an article on Yahoo!, single women out number married women.

Pray for a Country a Day

I just wanted to point you in the direction of a great website, Operation World's Pray for a Country a Day. Like the book, the website gives information about a country and how we can pray more effectively for the people. I have added the link to my side bar. The book and the website are great resources. Keep praying!

New Season Starts Tonight!!

The new season of American Idol starts tonight! The first few episodes are always my favorite because it's when they show all the bad auditions. Which is exactly what I would be if I had tried out! I try not to get addicted to Reality Shows but I am excited about watching this new season.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Purple Cellar

Here is a new blog from Lydia Brownback of Crossways Publishing and author of Fine China is for Single Women, Too. It's a great blog for Christan women...check it out!!

The Blog Police are on my back!!

I know, this is pitiful. I still have hope that this blog will come back to life...hopefullly before JRazz and Glenna find me!

When it pours!

This washer and my toilet overflowed filling my downstairs with water and soaking my area rug, which kept me up until after midnight. A few days later, my car breaks down on the side of Highway 18 leaving me stranded until my parents came to my rescue 40 minutes later. Of course when my dad tries to start the car is turns on, no problems, and drives smoothly back to Jackson!!! Just as smooth as it did this morning for the mechanic at Gateway. Fortunatly, nothing major is wrong, it just needs a good tune up and I have been told that Gateway is giving me a really good price. Praise the Lord, He has already provided the money for this unexpected emergency. That is my only glimmer of hope in this sad post:) The day after my car broke down I found out that my only roomate is probably moving out:( She is a dear friend and a great roomate (who never complains about anything). The saddest part of all of this is no one is probably reading this since I have not updated since October!! Ha! Tim Ellsworth posted a message on his blog that if you have not updated in a few months he is taking your link off his blog. Ok, ok I get the hint:)

Just to catch you up since my last update...Erika and Geoff are still engaged:), I still work at the CP Center and love it, we had a great holiday with my parents and my sister's is just good!