Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snow Talk

If one more person says somthing to me about "the big snow" tonight I might scream. As the receptionist sitting at the front desk, everyone passes by me at least once if not ten times a day. "So, Kellye, do you think it's going to snow?" "Maybe we won't be able to come to work tomorrow!" "Be sure to stock up on food!" Is it going to snow? Is is going to snow? Is it going to snow? That is all I have heard all day. So, yes I hope it does snow really hard and I hope I am stranded in my house.


Michele said...

You know, I can come to the office in the morning--knowing that it is snowing and is going to continue snowing--and not even be tempted to peek outside the window all day.

The thrill is gone, I guess.

But we have had some really pretty snow the last few days!! :)

Melanie said...

Hey Kellye -

Is it snowing Jackson yet? ;)

Glenna Marshall said...

I love snow. It snowed here, but we were confined to the hospital, unfortunately. :( So, it wasn't real enjoyable.