Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One Month from Today...

...We will eat cake, dance, catch bouquets (it's mine girls!) and most importantly, we will celebrate the gift of marriage!! I know that Erika and Geoff and counting down the days to February 24th. I am counting down the pounds to fit in my bride's maid dress! I can't wait to get to Chicago and join in on all the festivities. I hope that it snows just enough to make beautiful scenery, but not enough to disrupt our travels. Weddings can be so much fun!!


Glenna Marshall said...

Kellye, I appreciate your genuine excitement for your friend.

What do the bridesmaid dresses look like?

Hey, I'm updating...slowly but surely. Today I updated BOTH blogs! Be very impressed!


Anonymous said...

Hey Glenna,

The bridesmaid dresses are really pretty. They are long, black and have spagetti straps. They are very simple and elegant. They hang just a little bit longer in the back. I will post lots of pictures...when it fits me!! I actually have lost enough weight to get into it...but it could look better.

Michele said...

I just got mine back from the cleaners yesterday. $30 worth of alterations looks fantastic. There's enough black velvet left over to make a dress for Annabelle, if she decides to come.

Melanie said...

I saw Kellye's dress, and they are so beautiful!

Annabelle has always wanted to be a bridesmaid...or maybe a flower girl....;)