Monday, January 15, 2007

When it pours!

This washer and my toilet overflowed filling my downstairs with water and soaking my area rug, which kept me up until after midnight. A few days later, my car breaks down on the side of Highway 18 leaving me stranded until my parents came to my rescue 40 minutes later. Of course when my dad tries to start the car is turns on, no problems, and drives smoothly back to Jackson!!! Just as smooth as it did this morning for the mechanic at Gateway. Fortunatly, nothing major is wrong, it just needs a good tune up and I have been told that Gateway is giving me a really good price. Praise the Lord, He has already provided the money for this unexpected emergency. That is my only glimmer of hope in this sad post:) The day after my car broke down I found out that my only roomate is probably moving out:( She is a dear friend and a great roomate (who never complains about anything). The saddest part of all of this is no one is probably reading this since I have not updated since October!! Ha! Tim Ellsworth posted a message on his blog that if you have not updated in a few months he is taking your link off his blog. Ok, ok I get the hint:)

Just to catch you up since my last update...Erika and Geoff are still engaged:), I still work at the CP Center and love it, we had a great holiday with my parents and my sister's is just good!