Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and kids

One of my favorite traditions in my family is our Christmas Eve festivities. We play games, eat finger foods and open one gift...always a new pair of pajamas. As our family grows, the more fun we have! Ever since my niece and nephew were born I cannot imagine the holidays without them. Kids are so much fun on Christmas morning! Every time Jack opened a gift he wanted to stop and play with it and even try on his new clothes. The one thing he has wanted for a long time is a real guitar. At the age of four, he already can play, sing and make up his own songs! He does not know all the guitars chords, but I am sure it won't be long before he learns them. Samantha loves animals and likes to play veterinarian. She received a "Dr. Samantha Glas" coat and Dr's kit. She was still checking the heart rate of all of her toy animals when we left. Spending time with them helps me realize all that I have to look forward to, should the Lord someday give me children.

"Dr. Glas" taking care of her horse:)

Jack opening his drums. Jack's mom and dad reacting to Jack opening his drums!

Jack and his new guitar. Brian, his dad, is in the back 'happily' putting together Jack's new drums. Our little rock star!