Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Rainy Saturday Morning

I think it was about a year ago that I awoke on a rainy Saturday morning and posted my "warm and cozy" feelings about rainy weather. Once again, I was greeted this morning with a chilly wind and the sound of rain pounding on my window. I won't like it as much when I have to get out, but from my warm bed it is quite a treat. Add my pumkin spice coffee and watching Racheal Ray make gingerbread waffles (in 30 minutes, of course!) and you have a perfect morning!


MelanieStarr said...

Love the new blog layout!! It looks so pretty:)

Sounds like you had a nice, cozy morning at home. I've been baking all day, this is the perfect day for baking. BTW, I updated my blog with some pictures of the kids playing their tent you got them.

Happy Rainy Day,

j razz said...

So, just tell me. Is this a fad or are you going to seriously update your blog :)

I am really tempted to add you to my list.

Update again; I dare ya!

j razz