Tuesday, May 29, 2007

$2.89 a gallon...a good deal!?

I just stopped at Kroger to put gas in my car. I intentionally waited until after the holiday to see if the prices would go below $3 a gallon. I have been driving on empty for over a day now and I was afraid I would not even make it into the parking lot! I punched my Kroger card number on the keypad and waited to see what my discount would be...I nearly let out a shout for joy when I saw that it was $2.89 a gallon. I even told a co-worker about the "good deal" I got. It is kind of comical that I think $2.89 is a steal! I just say it to be funny, I am not complaining...God continues to provide for me no matter what the government does to raise the cost of living in this country.


Michele said...

The summer of my sophomore year of college. 77 CENTS a gallon.

That's going to be the story that I tell my kids, over and over. Like my dad's "I remember when it cost 3 CENTS to mail a letter" story. I still don't know if I believe that.