Friday, May 18, 2007

"Fhoto Friday"

I have a new found love for photography. At work I am known as the girl who is constantly taking pictures...and every once in a while I get one that I really like. Here is a recent one that I took in the flower beds outside my office. I will start sharing my favorites on "Fhoto Friday". :)


Michele said...


Should have had you on hand to take pictures of all my flowers at the hospital.

Are you going to pull a "Melanie" on us and develop a random new talent?

Anonymous said...

:) I really enjoy it...that is all I know. I could do it for hours!

Glenna Marshall said...

Peonies, right?
I have some in my flowerbed next to my front steps. So pretty. Your camera focuses really well. Is it some fancy-shmancy camera?

Anonymous said...

Hey Glenna,

It is a nice camera, but an old one. Someday I hope to get what you call a 'fancy-shmancy' one!