Monday, August 13, 2007

More wisdom from Lydia Brownback

On her blog, The Purple Cellar, Lydia has started writing on the current debate that remaining single is a sin. Check out both of these posts: The Singleness Wars, The Sin of Singleness? I appreciate how she is addressing this issue. She addresses it very biblically and humbly without slandering the teachers whom she disagrees with. Lately I have felt that several Christians blogs are just battle grounds for believers to attack one another. Lydia sets a good example of how to stand for truth without putting up unnecessary walls with the church.


j razz said...


What would be some beneficial ways that married couples could minister to you and not cause you to feel like the "kid sister"? I hope that my wife and I do not cause you to feel this way. I and my wife both enjoy your company and conversations. Maybe you could write on this?

j razz