Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Are Tasers a Good Idea?

I have heard several stories in the news lately about people using these taser-stun-gun devices for more than just self-defense. In this article a man is accused of using one on his 18 month old son. I can see the value of having a non-lethal weapon to protect yourself, but I am not sure if our society is responsible enough to own these things. I am worried that the more accessible the taser becomes, the more we are going to hear of abuse and obnoxious teenagers trying to get a sick laugh.



Glenna Marshall said...

I wish somebody WOULD pay me to blog!! Haha!
Pass on your granola recipe to me and I'll give it a whirl and then post it with my rating! ;) I happen to really love granola, so when you get time, send it my way.

Glenna Marshall said...

HaHa--you stopped blogging.