Thursday, April 12, 2007

Prayer Request

My friends, Chuck and Miki, need your prayers. Miki is pregnant with twins (not sure how far along she is but close to 9 months) and she is having complications. Here is Chuck's update:

Miki (and the twins) are in distress. Her liver function and her gallbladder function are not keeping up, so she has bile in her bloodstream. Bile is poison. This poison is making her itch all over, and is working from the inside so no creams or ointments will help. Because of this itching, she has not slept in 5 days and so her mental capacity has diminished greatly; she can hardly make a sentence at all. Please pray that God will clean her blood of this bile so that the babies will not be in danger (they are currently) and so that my sweet wife can regain her sanity. This is literally five days of intense torture and grave danger for the babies.
Thanks, Chuck

Chuck and Miki are directors of a ministry in Atlanta, they also have a two year old daughter.


Michele said...

Wow, Kellye. I will pray for them tonight. I cannot even imagine how frightened they must be.

Erika said...

Kellye...I am praying for Chuck, Miki, and the babies right now--and will continue to do so.

Glenna Marshall said...

Wow. Praying....