Sunday, July 16, 2006

Getting on Board

Cowa Maharsa (Arabic for coffee with a little milk) I remember the first time I could order coffee by myself. The waiter grinned at the sound of his language mixed with my lovely Tennessee accent. As we sipped our coffee, my classmates and I talked about our first impressions of Arab culture and wondered what was in store for the rest of our journey. I had no idea then how much I would fall in love with the precious people of North Africa. I love the way they embrace eachother when they meet, how they touch their hand to their heart to show affection for a friend, and how their homes are always open to a stranger far from home. What was at first strange and foreign to me, slowly became both wonderful and normal. Coming home with excitment, confidence and renewed joy for life, I was eager and ready to send or to go. This has definatly been a conflit for me as it has been for many. I would love to be there and I would love to send others...and there is a need for both. My mentor with our program in North Africa told me that I have one set of hands. I can use them overseas, or I can use them to send many, many more to the unreached. My prayer is that my labors here will impact them just has much as if I were there among them. Oh how I want to put an end to the term "unreached people." It will happen...praise the Lord! He promised that the gospel will be preached to all the nations. Any time or money you invest in missions is not in vain, it is not a gamble. The promise is sure! I love this truth! As John Piper once said about evangelism, "You can either get on board and enjoy the triumph or cop out and waste your life."


Ranelle said...

I have no idea if this will get to you because it didn't the one & only time I tried to respond to someone else's blog but here goes.I enjoyed your first writing and you are a gifted one. I hope this is encouraging to others as well as yourself.Keep on persevering. Love you..your walking buddy

MelanieStarr said...

Hey Kel -
What a great idea! I'm glad you're doing this, it's a good way to keep everyone updated on how things are going.

j razz said...

That is some nice tile underneath the coffee cup. Can I buy that at Lowe's?

That was a vain attempt at an American Cultured joke. Totally missing the point of the article attempting to draw attention to something that I, as a consumer, can buy.

Kellye, I hope that this blog will inspire others to look at their faith in a more serious way as well as encourage them to see what God is doing in your life and those that you are helping to send to "unreached people groups". If nothing else, you have some great links!
Really though, it was a great first post. Keep them coming and keep them quality!

j razz

Glenna Marshall said...

Hey Kellye,
Glad you started this!! Thanks for linking to me--I'll return the favor.
It was so good to catch up with you the other day. You always encourage me to turn to Christ. You are in my prayers, friend.


Glenna Marshall said...

Hey, now that you're on board, you should post some more. ;)