Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rainy Saturday Mornings

I love mornings like this. Instead of jumping out of bed to fumble with my alarm clock I awoke to the sound of steady rain hitting my window. I got out of bed just long enough to get a cup of coffee and was disappointed to find that I was out of Amaretto's just not the same. Some people would consider this a gloomy day with nasty weather. I am just the opposite...I love sitting here on my bed watching the rain and listening to it run down the side of my house. It almost makes me feel like I am in a movie. Life just seems to slow down for a few minutes. For some reason, on days like this I am more quiet and thoughtful. It's easier for me to be still before the Lord, which is normally difficult. When I was little my sister, Melanie, and our cousin, Mandi and I would take our shampoo bottles outside and wash our hair in the rain! I am not sure how this 'game' started. Maybe my parents were trying to save on the water bill. However it started, it was always a blast. While I no longer wash my hair in the rain, I have to confess that I still like to splash around in large puddles. Great memories. I have so much to be thankful for.


MelanieStarr said...

Rainy days do the same thing to me, I love them. I think about washing our hair in the rain almost every single time there is a good rain. Next time it rains we'll have to get out the shampoo for old times's our duty to pass on the tradition to Sam and Jack, and they would sure love it :)

Glenna Marshall said...

Kellye, I am the same way. William and I always have discussions about the weather. When it's sunny and hot, he's happy. I hate it (unless it's a gorgeous spring or fall day). But I LOVE rain and cold weather. (I realize it was not cold the other day, but rain is kind of on the same plain as overcast and cold.) William, on the other hand, hates the rain and/or the cold. So..we balance each other out I guess. It rained hard on Sunday morning here and it was SO hard to get out of bed! I love the sound of the rain hitting the roof, especially if I'm still in bed.
And as for the amaretto...try Cinnamon Hazlenut by International Delight. I despise regular Hazlenut, but this mixed with Cinnamon is SO good. As I sipped my cup this morning...I thought, "Ah...this is the perfect cup of coffee. Honestly."
:) Hope you're doing well. Sorry to blog in your comment box.