Saturday, February 02, 2008

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

A few weeks ago, Glenna Marshall posted about things she recently learned about herself. I thought I would 'copy her' (hope that's ok Glenna:) and write a few things about myself that maybe few people know. I may regret this :)...

  • I like watching old reruns of sitcoms from my childhood like Full House, Fresh Prince and The Cosby Show.
  • I love cold, snowy weather and rainy mornings.
  • My favorite time of year is autumn.
  • I listen to Elvis and have a blanket with a giant picture of him singing.
  • Growing up, I loved watching The Monkees and had the biggest crush on Davie Jones.
  • I can sing the entire theme song from Fresh Prince.
  • I have read Elizabeth Elliot's The Savage My Kinsmen countless times.
  • Someday, I would love to have twins.
  • I much prefer going to a live play over going to the movies.
  • I love animals, music, getting up early on Saturday, and visiting friends in Chicago.

*Coming soon: methods of contextualization, music I recommend (just look at the list above...I obviously have great taste:)


Glenna Marshall said...

If you recommend Elvis, I might have to take a break from the Coffee Refills!!! ;)

Looking forward to future posts. I actually really love bullet posts. :)