Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Jonathan Edwards is My Homeboy"

This article from Christianity today will be available next week. A lot of people are talking about it. I got this tip from my sister and Justin Taylor also wrote about it on his "Between Two Worlds" blog ( I am interested to see what it says. I will post my thoughts after reading it. I would encourage you to check back with Justin Taylor's blog to see if he writes any more about it...his thoughts are worth reading! Check it out and let me know what you think!


Glenna Marshall said...

I'm buying that shirt for William.

(just kidding. i'm a calvinist, but that's a bit much.)

Glenna Marshall said...

seriously...i want to read that article. thanx for sharing.

Glenna Marshall said...

We bought the magazine tonight at Barnes and Noble. I've not finished reading the article yet (William is reading it now), but it is really interesting so far.

Glenna Marshall said...

I think it's really funny that all of these comments are from me.

I finally bought the magazine and read the whole article. I am thankful that the writer didn't have a strong Arminian slant because usually that lends itself to an underhanded slamming of reformed theology/theologians. I felt that he handled both sides of the debate very well and fairly. I hate that Lemke was quoted saying something about the fact that Calvinists aren't missions-minded. This is such a huge misunderstanding about the reformed group. You, Kellye, are a living, breathing example of a missions-minded Calvinist! Simply because we believe that God has a chosen elect group that He will save does not mean that we don't believe in evangelism? How will they believe if they've never heard the gospel? And how will they hear the gospel if no one takes it to them? For some reason, God has chosen to use man in the spreading of the gospel. We are commanded to do so! I admit there are groups of Calvinists who are probably less concerned with missions than they should be, but on the whole, I feel that our theology drives our desire to see the gospel taken to the nations!
I appreciated all that Josh Harris had to say. I think that if we had to pull out of the SBC for some reason, I'd want our church to be affiliated with Sovereign Grace ministries! :)
Anyway...I appreciate you sharing the article--it made us go out and buy the magazine. I'm thankful to be informed. And reformed. :)

Bill Lollar said...

It's amazing that the "best" contra voice in the article comes from Dr. Steve Lemke, the provost at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He's a great guy and I consider him a friend but, I'm sorry, Lemke is a theological lightweight who prefers to teach ethics and world religions. Why didn't they ask Dr. Stan Norman, a colleague of Lemke who teaches Systematic Theology at NOBTS? 'Cause he's a Calvinist!

Glenna Marshall said...

Kellye, you need to update. Where have you been?

Tim said...

Jonathan Edwards is my homeboy
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